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Retail Betting Software Development

Finos is skilled at spotting emerging markets and trends. We have a wealth of experience in providing tools for those involved in many sales channels. We also understand terminal betting, and with the right software platform and programming behind you, we can help your business. Let’s look closer at our retail betting software package:

Key Features Available

At Finos, we run a branched network solution for our partners and clients. All the software run by your business can be controlled and run from a single place. With our retail betting software package, we can help you take full control of your gambling games from a region or branch.

Retail Betting Software Offers

At the same time, our retail betting software package offers a POS terminal complete with QR code readers, ticket scanners, and more. Our efficient and user-friendly software also comes as a self-service betting kiosk, with touch screens and barcode readers taking control of the action if you don’t favor banknotes and coins.

Our Advanced Features

Go one step further, and you can explore our advanced features. Here, Finos offers you frontend and backend platforms, self-service, and vending machine options. We also provide comprehensive branch equipment, maximum security via VPNs, and easy installation with our already existing POS machines. Our advanced software offers up to 16GB of ram, our systems are shock resistant to a high degree, and are fan-less. We also offer flexible connectivity, with up to six USB, four RS-232, parallel, LAN, drawer ports and more.

Live Scores

LiveScore keeps you up to date with the latest scores and live sports action.

Anti-Fraud Security

Increase Your Revenue Stream. Build Trust & Safety on Your Platform. We Provide Best Security.

Real-Time Statistics

Real-time statics update so users can bet on the friction of second and increase the result.

Payment Method

We Provide almost all the most trusted Payment methods and also Cryptocurrency payment methods as well.

Language Support

We Provide Multi-Language support so you can launch your software around the world


Your Betters receive real-time notification on their bet result as they win or lose in the live match.



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